New Epiphany Studio RVA marketing agency logo
As an agency that prides itself on its design focus, Epiphany Studio felt it was time for a refresh of its existing brand. Epiphany works specifically with building materials and architectural product companies to grow their sales and needed an updated identity that would appeal to rough-and-tumble building material manufacturers and design-focused clients alike, while still being unique in the space.
New logo design compared to old logo design
Epiphany’s previous logo was set in Didot and paired with a bright yellow-orange. While timeless, it came across as too delicate for the niche the business operates in, and the thin forms of the e-circle mark easily got lost at small sizes.
The Didot logo was paired with Futura as the primary typeface.
It was important to me to keep a lineage between the old and the new so that the brand would remain recognizable in the space.
Epiphany Studio RVA new brand showcase
The new mark swaps Didot for a more hard-edged and technical san serif typeface, BW Gradual. It has thin elements that feel reminiscent of the dramatic thins but feel more technical than delicate. The E from the original typeface was modified to be more geometric, to better fit the circle container when it’s used as a standalone mark.
The logo is paired with a two-typeface system. Bodoni Moda becomes the main heading face. This keeps the link to Didot with a dramatic serif but has features more weights and variations that make the typeface more useable. Futura stays as its faithful companion.
This is paired with a more vibrant and true orange, resulting in a palette that feels more dramatic and sophisticated.
The supporting graphic treatment is a radiant circle. This can stand alone, or emanate from the logo itself. These elements not only provide visual interest and a way to break up empty space but also represents the spread of ideas or awareness through marketing.
Epiphany Studio new brand coffee labels

 Branded Coffee for New Clients

Epiphany Studio new brand website homepage

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