Whole Forest is a mission-driven manufacturer of sustainably produced hardwood products, such as flooring, countertops, tables, and wall tiles. They sustainably farm all of their wood from tropical rainforests by supporting local workforces and long-term conservation.
The goal of this project was to create a small sample box that could be mailed out to Architects and designers who expressed an interest in Whole Forest to get them excited about the product and the sustainability goals. The campaign was specifically targeting architects actively working on sustainability-focused projects or who had a history of work on such projects.
The box and sample had to be small enough to be mailed without excess cost to the client, but still had to showcase the product and tell a complex story of long-term conservation and prevented release of embodied carbon.
The final sample box is designed to be eye-catching and sustainable in it’s own right, just like the product contained inside. It is constructed out of recycled cardboard, which is allowed to show through minimal ink coverage. The eye-catching line motif across the box is inspired by the topography of the rainforest, while the white ink treatment serves to catch the eye. The whole package is the smallest size it can be to it a standard shipping label, which also serves to close the front lip of the box. This removes the need for extra materials like tape or stickers.
Inside the box is a coaster made of the final product - a useful example of it’s quality and beauty that an architect or designer can keep on their desk as a reminder of Whole Forest. Also included is a small accordion-fold brochure that speaks to the company’s story, goals, and products. Finally, there is a letter from the CEO, telling the recipient the personal side of the Whole Forest story and inviting them to a call to move further down the sales funnel.
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